Proper Identification is Paramount

Proper Identification is Paramount

Consider the following scenarios:

  • Your Drivers’ License is mailed to you and your middle and first names are reversed
  • Your Birth Certificate spells your middle name with an ‘e’ but your Social Insurance card does not
  • You go by a name that is not on your legal identification
  • You buy a house and your name on the registration is spelled incorrectly

These all seem like insignificant errors. However, it is so important that you fix these errors in your identification when they arise, not when having proper identification is imperative.

You need proper identification to buy or sell a home; execute a Release for an inheritance; sign estate planning documents like a Will, Power of Attorney or Representation Agreement; fly on a commercial airline; cross the border; open a bank account; deal with legal proceedings; and many more necessary day to day events.

If you wait to deal with inaccuracies in your identification until it becomes an issue, you risk delaying your house purchase or receiving your inheritance, or delaying or cancelling your vacation. All of these things come with consequences that far outweigh the hassle and effort of having your identification corrected.

Before you attend with a Lawyer, be sure you have correct and complete identification that corresponds with the legal documents you are being asked to sign. If you are travelling, be sure your travel documents and identification are accurate before you leave the country. If you open a bank account or investment, be sure they have correctly spelled your full legal name.

Be consistent in providing your name for such purposes – if your identification includes your middle name, include your middle name when banking, for legal purposes and for travelling. That consistency will serve to reduce the chance for inaccuracies or inconsistencies in any future endeavors.

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