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Slip and Fall Accidents

You’ve slipped or tripped and fallen: What is the first thing you do? Most of us get up quickly and move on, hoping no one saw our ungraceful fall.

However, if you are injured in that fall, it can be costly. Lost wages and rehabilitation treatments or worse – surgery – could result from your injuries.

While many slip and falls are minor, it is not uncommon for head injuries, internal injuries and broken bones to happen. Often the full extent of your injury is not known until much later, after the evidence you need to support a claim may no longer be available.

If the fall was caused by another person or business, the steps you take in the minutes after the fall are very important to establishing your right to assistance for your losses. Here are a few things to do if you are involved in an unfortunate slip or trip and fall, causing injury:

  • Get medical attention
  • Inspect the area where you fell to determine the hazard that caused your fall
  • Identify witnesses
  • Take photos of the hazard and area of the fall
  • Notify a manager or person in charge, fill out a report and get a copy
  • Request a copy of surveillance footage, if available
  • Contact a lawyer to discuss the facts

The law governing slip or trip and fall accidents in BC are the Occupier’s Liability Act. An “Occupier” of premises is the person in control of the land or building where others may attend. They have a duty to take care that the premises is reasonably safe for people attending at that location. This includes stores, offices and private residences.

This does not mean, however, that the Occupier has to be perfect. Regular inspection and maintenance of the premises may be enough for the Occupier to avoid liability. This depends on the hazard that you encountered which caused the slip or trip and fall, and if that could have been easily prevented. The law in this area depends on the specific facts of each case.

A Kamloops lawyer can help you to understand the wide range of issues that arise with Occupier’s Liability matters and if your facts support a claim. If you would like advice or for more information regarding such matters please contact Chahal Priddle LLP at (250) 372-3233 to set up an appointment today.