Taking the Kids to Disneyland?

Taking the Kids to Disneyland?

Lynne and Bob have decided to take their grandchildren on a once in a lifetime vacation to Disneyland. They have thought of everything. The hotel is booked, the plane tickets and travel insurance are purchased and the clothes are packed. There is one final thing they will need before they leave for their wonderful vacation – a Travel Authorization Document.

Both the Canadian Border Security and the Department of Homeland Security will require specific authorization from both of the custodial parents to allow another adult to take a child across the border. If there is only one custodial parent, you will need to attach a copy of the Court Order or Agreement that stipulates the custodial arrangement. This is true both for the trip into the USA and the trip back into Canada.

The travel authorization document must state when and where the children are travelling and that they will be in the care of Lynne and Bob during their travels. The contact information of the custodial parents should be listed as well, in the event the border authorities wish to verify the consent and travel information. The document should also reference each of the children’s dates of birth and passport numbers.

Importantly, the travel authorization document must also state that Lynne and Bob have authorization to make emergency medical decisions for the children while on vacation. This will be necessary for the hospital personnel to see if there are any accidents or injuries involving the children while on holidays.

Having the document notarized also makes it clear to the border authorities that the parents’ identities have been verified at the time of signature. The more thorough and clear the travel authorization document is, the more likely the family trip will not be interrupted by lengthy delays at the border.

A lawyer can help you to prepare a travel authorization document. If you would like advice regarding the preparation of these important legal documents or for more information regarding such matters please contact Chahal Priddle LLP at 250-372-3233 to set up an appointment today.